Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Obama-Osama Knot: A Task For All Thinkers

Have you heard, Former President Jimmy Carter has accused the Obama Administration of 'widespread abuse of human rights' according to Yahoo News? Carter's major point in this accusation is that the present Government is authorizing drones to kill suspected terrorists. He argued that this and similar actions by government violates '10 of the 30 articles of  the Universal Declaration of Human Rights such as '...the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty''.

When I read the news article, I posted the following comments:

Obama killed Osama. Please ask Carter if he supported or was against this killing - and the al-Qaeda man was not given any fair hearing. Listen Americans, the truth is, pure democracy is impossible. In fighting terrorism, if you want to be purely democratic, you will lose the war to the world's peril. Certain things just have to be done on pragmatic grounds. I don't support killing innocent people, but if the figures from New American Foundation is right, I think the drone strikes have killed less innocent people than terrorism would have done if no such drone strikes took place. Watch out how pro-terrorist forces will use Carter's comments to their own advantage. I think statesmen should be more tactful in speech than this. (http://news.yahoo.com/jimmy-carter-accuses-u-widespread-abuse-human-rights-154057442--abc-news-politics.html)

I see a global battlefield where the East is pitched against the West. I like to think poetically of this as an Obama-Osama feud where Obama represents the West or democratic forces while Osama represent the East or non-democratic forces. But with a situation where the non-democratic forces have no regards for law whereas the democratic forces must needs contend with them, one wonders how this might play out.

Is it really possible to practice pure democracy in dealing with people who have no regards for rule of law? How can the US balance its two roles as the champion of human rights and the protector of World peace? Is it really possible to always give dare-devil terrorists a fair hearing. If you know how this knot could be tied, post your comments below. Thank you.

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